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A few words about our company

SEIP 7 is a company that develops innovative solutions for the monitoring, technology and industry market. We are installed in the Technological Park of Sorocaba, with 3 business units: oil and gas, internet of things and development of solutions on demand

  • OUR MISSION - Being a sustainable and innovative company, developing solutions to the needs of the clients, providing a better quality of life for the people.

  • OUR VISION - Work together with the client through the constant focus and sustainable approach of the project in search of solutions for the environmental, industrial and residential monitoring. To seek the professional and personal fulfillment of its employees, profitability for the company and its shareholders and recognition before society.

  • OUR HISTORY - An innovative project was presented in the InovAtiva Brazil program, SEIP 3. This aquatic monitoring project was selected for the second stage as one of the 50 best projects. The SEIP project was approved and incubated at the Technological Park of Sorocaba, initiating the development of its products. The company participated and was certified in the training program of the Nucleus of Support for the management of Innovation-NAGI of the Petroleum and Gas Chain of the State of São Paulo conducted by USP, Fiesp, CIESP and Finep from 2013 to 2015.

    2015 - The PROBE project for MONITORING AND INDICATION OF PIPELINE LEAKAGE was selected and presented at the 15th Conference of ANPEI (National Association of Research and Development of Innovative Companies). A patent application was filed from the product probe. The Sonda project paper was presented at XXIV COPINAVAL Montevideo, promoted by IPIN (Pan American Institute of Naval Engineering). SEIP 7 was selected by the IBP (Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels) to participate in the "Invention for Innovation" startup pavilion at the Rio Pipeline 2015 Congress. The Sonda project, SMAA7, received support in phase 1 of the Pipe Program of FAPESP, number 2015-08601-9.

    2016 - Selected from the 10 finalists of the "Start up Pich" of the Gas and Oil Congress Technology Arena, promoted by the IBP. It has been selected and is in the MDIC / UK catalog of subsea technology development companies. Participated with a stand at BIN @ SP from 7 to 9 November 2016 presenting the SMAA 7 project. He was selected by the Royal Academy of Engineering in partnership with FAPESP to participate in the Leaders in Innovation Fellowships Program (LIF) training program in the United Kingdom, with the support of the Newton Fund. At the Things Internet unit we developed the SWAN project, which was contemplated in the first cycle of the 2016 Senai Innovation Call and is in the development phase.

    2017 - A further application was filed. The SMAA7 project was approved in phase 2 of the Pipe Program of FAPESP with the number 2016 / 16.340-3. It was selected among 100 startups in the National Connection Startup Industry Program, promoted by ABDI (Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development). Selected from 10 startups to participate in the "Start_UP_Pich Session" at the O & G Tech Week event, promoted by IBP. At the Things Internet unit, we developed the SAARQUA project, which was contemplated in the first cycle of the 2017 Senai Innovation Announcement.

Check our solutions

Oil & Gas

  • Probe for Monitoring and Leak in Pipes Indication(SMMA7)
    Development of probe to detect leakage of subsea oil.
    We are in phase 2 of Fapesp program.

Internet of Things (IOT)

  • SWAN (Smart Water Network) - Under development.
    Water consumption monitoring platform for sanitation companies, condominiums, industries, universities, etc. Developed through the Senai Notice of Innovation.

  • HEH (Help & Health) - Under Development
    Wearable (strap) panic button, geo-location and heart rate monitoring.

  • SAARQUA - Approved in the 2017 Senai Innovation Announcement.
    Remote laboratory that in the part of sensing uses the technology LTCC that integrates the platforms microfluídica and of detection in the same substrate, allowing the optical detection of substances for the monitoring of parameters of quality of the water. Transmission to the cloud and information processing.


  • SAI (Smart Acustic Industry) - Under Development
    Our SAI (Smart Acustic Industry) vibration monitoring solution allows you to anticipate faults, reduce downtime and directly increase availability and consequently production.

Meet our people

Luis Carlos Rosa


Luis Carlos Rosa has got a specialization in Project Management from the USP Innovation Agency GEPIT – 2013. Since 2007 has been participating in several events in the field of energy and logistics promoted by IBP, ONIP, FIESP, CEPG, ABIMAQ, SINAVAL (Brazilian Agencies). Participated on the 10th, 11th, 12th and the 13th Energy Meeting and on the 5th, 6th, 7th and the 8th LETS (Logistical Meeting) in 2014, both promoted by FIESP. Participated also on the 23th (2010) and the 25th (2014) National Waterway Transport Congress, Shipbuilding and Offshore - SOBENA – in Rio. Also in the XXIV COPINAVAL 2015 - Pan American Congress of Naval Engineering at the V Symposium of Oceanography IO-USP, promoted by BRASONN - Brasilian School of Nanosciense and Nanotecnology (2011). Also on the following congresses and fairs: OTC-Rio Conference in 2011 and 2013, Rio Oil & Gas 2012 and 2014, Oil and Gas Santos and OTC-Houston 2014 Rio Acustics 2015 Rio Pipeline 2013 and 2015, the 15th Congress of Anpei 2015 and the 26th Congress AESabesp Technical Fenasan 2015.

Fábio Rodrigues Orsetti


Graduated in mechanical processes by faculty of technology of Sorocaba (FATEC-SO) (2014) and master's degree in Material and Metallurgical Science by São Paulo State University (UNESP) (2017). He was an intership in CAD/CAM laboratory in FATEC-SO. Currently he has a scholarship given by FAPESP to work in SEIP-7 as a researcher and developer of new equipements.

Guilherme Boix


Graduated in Technology in Automotive Electronics - FATEC - Sorocaba (2015) and is graduating in Electrical Engineering - FACENS Faculty of Engineering of Sorocaba. Currently a researcher developer - SEIP7 - Solutions in Monitoring and Technology.

Lucas Rossi Link

Automation Engineer

He holds a degree in Control Engineering and Automation from the State University of São Paulo "Julio de Mesquita Filho" -Unesp Sorocaba and MBA in industrial automation - PECE POLI USP.

Daniel Nunes

Automation Engineer

He holds a degree in Control Engineering and Automation and a technical course in electronics from the State University of São Paulo "Julio de Mesquita Filho" - Unesp Sorocaba and Paula Souza Center "Rubens de Faria e Souza", respectively. He was an integral manager Of Engineering in the Junior Company Movement (Dynamics Jr.), student of Scientific Initiation (Bolsa 1: Fuzzy, Bolsa 2: Process of Mapping of the Image in Sound, Bolsa 3: Surgical Brain Simulator) at Unesp Sorocaba. Has worked With Science, Technology and Innovation in the Technological Park of Sorocaba; And ASTIN ENGENHARIA and Prysmian Group with electrical panels and electronic circuits. He has experience in Signal Processing, Digital Imaging, Sonification of the Image; Analog filters; Virtual Prototyping (CAD, CAE and CAM); Embedded Systems (Android and Raspberry Pi) and Elaboration of Projects for fundraising (BNDES, FAPESP, CNPq, INVESTE SP, FINEP).

Ricardo Portela da Silva

Software Developer

Has a degree in information systems. Works with multidisciplinary teams and diverse environments. Worked in the area of ​​financial systems development with Mainframe technology. Currently acts as a Python developer.

Elton de Andrade Rodrigues

Computer engineer

Has a technical course in Informatics ETEC-Ourinhos. He is currently graduating in computer engineering at Uniso-Universidade de Sorocaba.




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Where are we located?

Head Office
Humaita Street, 156
Sorocaba - São Paulo, ZIP code 18035-005
Phone: +55 15 3411 8638

Itavuvu Avenue 11.777, SN 01 – Sorocaba Technology Park
Sorocaba - São Paulo, ZIP code 18078-00